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Pegasus Environmental Pty Ltd began in 1996 as a family operated business servicing the wider Gold Coast region. During this time we have enjoyed continued growth and success by providing high quality Gold Coast Pest Control & Termite Control services at competitive prices to our customers. Still family operated, every job we carry out is supervised so that the highest level of care and expertise gained over the years can be maintained. If you've been searching online for 'Pest Control Services Gold Coast', 'Pest Control Gold Coast', 'Pest Services Gold Coast' or similar terms, you've come to the right place!

At Pegasus Pest Control Gold Coast, we understand that enjoying the sanctuary of your home can be greatly affected when you have uninvited pests. To help you get rid of those unwanted guests, we seek to deliver the most effective and practical pest control solutions for our customers. If you’ve spotted pests in your home, then we encourage you to contact us at Pegasus Pest Control today for a free quote – our experience and expertise are second to none.

Why Choose Pegasus Pest Control Gold Coast?

Choosing the best Gold Coast Pest Control Company can be a daunting task. There are so many companies out there, but which one do you trust to protect your home? At Pegasus Pest Control, we know what it takes to be the best and how to really look after our customers. We’re a family business with a reputation built on delivering on our promises and caring for our customers. We understand that the best results require not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but also a dedication to service, quality and indeed the community as a whole. In recognising this, we operate strictly in accordance with our self-imposed standard of excellence – one that is centred upon achieving the best results for our valued customers - highly effective pest control and great customer experience.

#1 Commitment To Customer Service

Customer service can be one of the most important features of any business transaction and this is no different in pest control. Here at Pegasus Pest Control Gold Coast, we seek to provide our valued customers with more than just a transactional experience; rather we strive to offer a dynamic, personalised and functional solution – one in which you and your needs are the central focus.

It is somewhat of a misconception that all pest control issues can be managed in the same way and we have recognised this and taken the necessary steps to ensure that each of our jobs are approached on their merit. As a result, every step of our customer consultation process is aimed at working concurrently with our clients so as to ascertain precisely what they require of us and in what manner they wish to proceed in achieving the desired outcome. This is evident in every stage of our customer correspondence and it will become apparent to you from the early stages of your free quote, to the implementation of pest management solutions and beyond.

Conversely to many of our competitors, customer service is a foremost priority at Pegasus Pest Control. In fact we value our customers to and extent such that we chose to reward their patronage with an array of gifts aimed at expressing our appreciation. These gifts include vouchers to hair salons, beauty salons, mechanics and even restaurants.

#2 Commitment To The Community

Here at Pegasus Pest Control, we are of the conviction that strong community affiliation is the key to optimum service to both customers and our practical duties. As a result, we have implemented a number of procedures aimed at supporting and strengthening a strong sense of community throughout the wider Gold Coast region in which we operate. Being a family owned and operated business, we witness first-hand the extent to which community support is important and contributing to this is at the forefront of our priorities.

Our commitment in this regard begins with our unrivalled customer service. Our commitment to our customers ensures that the community that we service needn’t settle for quality that is less than they deserve – all homeowners are entitled to the best in service. We understand however, that encouraging a strong sense of community requires more than just catering to the needs of our customers. Rather, service to the community involves catering for those who, for whatever reason, might require some degree of extra assistance. One example of our dedication to provide for such individuals is the discounts we offer to senior citizens. In offering discounts of this nature, we seek to promote a sense of unity and service that is unrivalled by our competitors.

#3 Commitment To Results

Here at Pegasus Pest Control, we recognise that the final and arguably most important component of our service, is delivering the best and most consistent results possible and there are a number of ways in which we achieve this. To ensure the upmost in quality for our clients, we utilise the wealth of experience and knowledge that we have acquired throughout almost twenty years of service, to tailor a pest management solution for every set of circumstances that is presented to us.

Our proficiency in terms of Gold Coast Pest Control is unmatched by our competitors and this is represented not only in the work we do, but also in the accreditations that we have received in the course thereof. Such accreditations include that of Pacific International Insurance, which allows us to offer the ‘Timber Secure’ Warranty Policy $100,000 for up to 5 years, as well as the accreditation awarded to us by Exterra, which allows us to install their highly-regarded Termite Interception and Baiting System. Whether you need general pest control or termite control on the Gold Coast, Pegasus is your best choice everytime.

We maintain such a high dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for our customers that we are prepared to back our pest control services with a twelve-month warranty. Essentially, if invasive pests return to your home within the twelve months following our pest treatments, then we will return to address the issue again. This is a component of our follow up services, which are designed to ensure that the initial stages of treatment were successful and mitigate any issues that may have arisen subsequently.

What Makes Pegasus Pest Control Gold Coast Better Than The Rest?

Here at Pegasus Pest Control we understand that prior to contracting a Gold Coast pest control specialist, consumers want an assurance that their choice is the right one. We strive to remain ahead of the field in terms of pest management and we ensure this through the manner in which we approach each stage of the pest control process. Being a family owned and operated business, we recognise the importance of good value for money within an average household and this is just one of the many principles in accordance with which we operate.

Unlike many of our competitors, we at Pegasus Pest Control seek to engage our customers from their very first point of contact with us, to the final stages of the pest management process. For this reason, we offer free consultations to prospective clients, so as to ensure that they are aware of their circumstances and options before any action is taken. Following this, we are capable of developing a system that is tailored to the needs of each individual client. This includes quick responses, extremely thorough Gold Coast pest inspections, accurate diagnoses of pest infestations, punctual contractors and safe, natural treatments; as well as our range of customer gifts for referrals. To accompany such an expansive and effective range of services, we include a twelve-month warranty in our solutions so as to guarantee the eradication of your pest related issues.

What Pest Invasions Can Pegasus Pest Control Destroy?

In short, all of them! With Pegasus Pest Control Gold Coast, your pests don’t stand a chance, so book us in today and we’ll do the rest. We see a huge variety of Gold Coast pests and we can handle them all. Some are capable of perpetrating unique and considerable damage on your home, while others are simply an annoyance. When treating pests, the type of home or commercial property you have, has an impact on the best treatment plan. This is something that’s often overlooked by our competitors. As a result, we’ve taken steps to ensure that we are well equipped to manage pests of any description both commercially and residentially and we tailor the treatment in every case to effectively destroy your pest problem. Whether you're looking for 'Termite Inspections Gold Coast', 'Termite Treatment Gold Coast' or general 'Pest Inspections Gold Coast' Pegasus can look after you from start to finish.

The most commonly encountered varieties of pest in the Gold Coast include rodents, termites, insects and arachnids. Not only do these pests pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of those with whom they come into contact, but they can also become a source of considerable and costly damage. Damaged electrical fittings and structural components can incur thousands of dollars in costs and are a hazardous consequence of unmanaged pests. Here at Pegasus Pest Control Gold Coast, we cater for all varieties of pest and we do so in a timely and proficient manner. We understand that the longer a pest infestation continues in your home and business, the more you stand to lose. We focus on getting rid of pests fast and taking every possible measure to keep them at bay. If you want the best Gold Coast pest control from a local company who cares, call Pegasus Pest Control today.

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