6 Eco-Friendly Pest Control Tips

6 Eco-Friendly Pest Control Tips

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Want to get rid of the rodents and termites but don’t want to spray pesticides throughout your home? The following recipes use non-toxic household items to make a deterrent spray that can used on the pests themselves or sprayed in areas they frequent.

Give flies the flick with basil

Add two cups of chopped basil to one litre of boiling water. Allow the basil to infuse into the water for about an hour or until the liquid is cool. Strain the water and use within two days.

Say adieu to ants with chilli

Combine one cup of dried chilli flakes and two or three cups (depending on the extent of the ant population) of fresh, chopped chilli peppers and add to one litre of boiling water. Leave the mixture for three to four hours then strain. This will make a concentrate that will keep for several weeks. The concentrate can then be made into a spray using one part chilli mixture and two parts water.

Always be careful when handling chilli as contact with the skin can cause irritations. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or face.

Cast out cockroaches with eucalyptus

Cockroach deterrent can be made with the oil or the leaves from eucalypts. Mix six teaspoons of the oil with one litre of water and shake well, or infuse two cups of leaves with one litre of boiling water. Both mixtures should be used within two days.

Take down termites with garlic

Add around 10 cloves or 200 grams of chopping garlic to one litre of water and leave overnight. In another container, dissolve about 20 grams of liquid soap in 1 litre of water. Strain the garlic mixture and combine. This spray will keep for several months.

Move the mice with peppermint oil

The smell of peppermint oil is abhorrent to mice and they will naturally avoid it. Simply sprinkle a few drops in areas where they are likely to be found.

Purge the possums with lavender

Pour one litre of boiling water over one cup of lavender flowers. Leave until the water has cooled and then strain. Must be used within two days.

Another way to eliminate pests is to encourage birds onto your property. Birds are the natural predators of insects so you can encourage them to do the pest controlling for you. Try adding a bird bath, bird feeders and brightly coloured flowers to your yard to lure them in.

Some household pests should not be approached for safety and even legal reasons. If you see any of the following, call a licensed pest controller or council ranger immediately:

  • Bees. The rapid decline of bee populations in recent years has serious implications for mankind, as bees pollinate agricultural crops so without them, we face a food shortage.
  • Snakes. Australia has a lot of highly venomous snakes and it can be difficult for people to tell species apart. Snakes generally only attack when provoked, so leave their handling to an expert.

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