Ants! Keys To Beat the Crawlies for Good

Ants! Keys To Beat the Crawlies for Good

Beating Ants In Your Home

Ants are the guerrilla fighters of the bug world. The counter-insurgency starts small, one ant here, another two there, nothing you can’t handle. You give them a quick spray and laugh at their ambition…until the next morning. A congo line of ants is making its way up your kitchen sink, feeding off microscopic crumbs no broom could catch and no vacuum could reach – the ants have arrived for the banquet. Notorious, wily pests, ants come out from their hiding place once spring is bloom, making themselves known to you. So, how can you get rid of them good?

Chalk and Cheese

Ants love cheese and they hate chalk. They can’t stand it, they’ll run away when they detect the calcium carbonate in the musty, dusty sticks (maybe they’re allergic to shellfish – chalk is made from their shells); your best tactic with chalk is to drawn a line across the entryways and any cracks in the window or wall. The same deal with flour!

A Dash of Lemon Juice

If you’re unconvinced about the power of lemon juice, simply take a nicely ripe lemon, cut it into quarters and give the fruit a good squeeze, directing any juice down the offending ant holes. Feel free to slather around holes and cracks in the walls where they could be attacking from.

Put Pep in their Step

Nobody everybody loves the peppery taste of the spicy Cayenne pepper and ants are no exception. They’re addicted to sugar; when they come into your home, they’re invading because they know you have sugar somewhere. Even if it’s your hidden stash. If you noticed a specific line of sugar hunting ants, just put a big line of Cayenne along the backs of benches, near the sugar bowl and in cupboards. Feel like taking them out altogether? Drop Cayenne pepper down the ant hole and bam, no more ants.


Who didn’t use talcum powder when they were younger? Not only is it ideal for soothing sore skin, talcum powder acts as  very powerful ant buster. Simply scatter across the threshold of your house, concentrate again on any holes or channels the ants love and watch them scatter.

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