Are Cockroaches a Health Hazard?

Are Cockroaches a Health Hazard?

Are Cockroaches a Health Hazard?

Cockroaches can be very bad for business and don’t make a nice impressions for those visiting our homes. But are they a health hazard? YOU BET THEY ARE!

Cockroaches are a pest to any home or business and are very common in Australia. Little do people know cockroaches can cause some serious health hazards. Cockroaches can be the carrier of diseases for example Gastro-enteritis, typhoid and salmonella. Cockroaches can be the cause of asthma attacks and eczema.

What affect do cockroaches have on your health?

Cockroaches droppings, saliva and dead bodies have allergen proteins and have been linked to increasing the severity of allergies and affect asthmatics. Cockroach allergens act the same way dust mites work. Generally, you can breathe in the cockroach allergens by inhaling the dust that has been built up in pillows and bed sheets.

They also have the ability to transmit diseases such as bacteria, parasites, pathogens. Children and elderly are the most at risk from the cockroach health hazard.

How can cockroaches be eradicated?

To eradicate or avoid infestation – maintain a clean home or office. Keep your kitchen clean, make sure wherever you eat is clean and ensure your crumbs and spills are cleaned up. Clean under your fridge and stove; where bits of food could get caught. If the cockroach issue is out of control your best course of action is to contact a professional pest control technician such as ourselves.

Replace carpeting with solid flooring. If you’re not able to remove the carpets, vacuum the carpet twice a week to reduce the exposure to allergens.

Where possible reduce the humidity inside your house by using air conditioner or getting a de-humidifier. The humidity and damp conditions help the spread of cockroaches.

Focus on the areas where cockroach allergens can build up – wash bed sheets, pillow cases at least once a week with hot water.

Regular 6 monthly to 12 monthly treatments will ensure that your home remains pest free. For all cockroach and pest issues you can get in touch with our pest control team on 07 5535 8008. Pegasus Environmental Pest Control use only safe pesticides that are harmless to your family and pets, and offer a 12 month warranty.