Biggest Mistakes People Make with Pest Control

Biggest Mistakes People Make with Pest Control

Biggest Mistakes People Make with Pest Control

Cockroaches, mice, termites, fleas… they’re called pests for a good reason. These unwelcome critters are more than just annoying – they can affect your health and do serious damage to your home. You can reduce the impact of pests in your home by avoiding these common pest control mistakes.

Not being pro-active

Homeowners will often wait to see if the problem will take care of itself, which gives the invaders a chance to build up a population. It’s important that you act immediately when pests show up in your home, by using an over the counter treatment or calling a pest controller.

Prevention is the best cure, and you can try to reduce infestations with these tips:

• Seal all food containers tightly

• Pests love pools of water so check all pipes for leaks and empty containers of water

• Inspect your home for cracks that pests may be able to enter

• Clear all dead wood as quickly as possible

Doing it all themselves

Pest control is something that homeowners attempt to do themselves to save money, but often end up spending just as much – or even more – on continuous rounds of over the counter sprays and bombs. The problem with these products is that they kill pests but don’t provide a barrier against future infestations.

Calling a professional in the early stages of the invasion is a lot cheaper and more hassle free than attempting to do the job yourself. A licensed pest controller can control the infestation before it has spread, and they will also know which chemicals are safe and legal to use.

Skipping the pest inspection when buying a new house

A pest inspection is a crucial step in purchasing a new home. The cost of the inspection is miniscule compared to the potential cost of dealing with termite damage. Termites can be so active throughout the Gold Coast that in some cases, entire houses are compromised.

It’s just as important for homeowners to maintain yearly termite inspections after the property has been purchased. It only takes a few months for termites to form a colony. Regular inspections give you a chance to contain the swarm before it can do serious damage.

Going straight to the big guys

Big doesn’t always mean better. Franchised pest controllers tend to have a higher staff turnover and less ‘product knowledge’. With a small business you’re likely to get the same pest controller on follow up visits, allowing for a more effective and personalised service.

To experience the difference that only a family owned and operated business can offer, make a booking with Pegasus Pest Control, the Gold Coast’s premier pest control service, by calling (07) 5522 0089.