Carpet Cleaning for Rental Bond Refund on the Gold Coast

How to get your full bond back

Getting your full bond back at the end of your lease is not always as easy as you might have thought. With most rented properties that have carpet, the expectation is that carpets will be professionally cleaned at the end of the lease. Here at Pegasus Environmental, we look after your home in more ways than one, and as well and controlling pests around the home, professional steam cleaning of carpets is another of our specialties!

In this post we explain how you can make sure you can clean the carpets to the standards expected by your real estate agent and landlord.

What is the expectation for carpet cleaning in rental properties?

Not all carpeted rental properties specifically require carpets to be professionally cleaned at the end of a tenancy, however many others do. Your lease will provide the exact details of this in a specified clause, and most agents require a receipt as evidence of the clean. The expectation however is always to return the property in at least the same state that it was when you moved in.
Many people may assume that a simple vacuum may be enough, but if there are stains on your carpet or they have accumulated a lot of dirt during the tenancy this often results in a deduction from the bond due to extra cleaning needed. If you have stains on the carpet, expect the real estate agent to ask these be professionally cleaned, or the cost deducted from your bond.

Should I just let the real estate agent deduct the cost of carpet cleaning from my bond?

This is NOT recommended. Real Estate agencies earn a commission from using their own contractors and usually charge a premium if you elect for this service. You will also not be in a position to negotiate on price or know exactly what it is that you will be paying for.

When it comes to your carpets, Pegasus Environmental are the team of Gold Coast carpet cleaning technicians with the skills (and steam) to professionally clean your carpets up to the standards expected by your landlord. For competitive carpet cleaning rates from $22 per room with the best results, call us today to arrange a professional steam clean for your carpets. (07) 5535 8008.