FMC Million Dollar Warranty

FMC Million Dollar Warranty - Termite Damage

Termite Damage

Australia’s first 1 million ($1, 000, 000) Manufacturer’s Warranty is now a reality. The ultimate Termite Management warranty for the Australian consumer is available now!

Pegasus Environmental is one of only 5 Gold Coast Pest Control Companies with the accreditation and training to offer this incredible new 1 million ($1, 000, 000) cover against Termite damage.

FMC has been providing quality pest management products to our national Australian market since 1975. Over a million Australian homes have been protected against Termites since then. FMC has now made a solid commitment to home owners, knowing that most general home insurance doesn’t cover Termite damage, they have introduced the ultimate Termite warranty for home owners in Australia.

A no-nonsense straight up, simple warranty that covers all decorative & structural timbers which are protected by an ‘EFLEX’ Termite Barrier that has been previously installed by an FMC EFLEX Certified Operator.


Termites are an annoying destructive force that causes far more damage annually than all of our other natural disasters together, including floods, violent storms and fires. Statistics show that 1 in 3 buildings will at some stage in its lifetime be affected by Termites.


We have security against other intruders in the form of security systems, gates, security doors, fences and other security aids to make us feel safe in our own homes. Now we can fully protect ourselves from the damage caused by the Termite menace by having a One Million Dollar Warranty.


Only specially trained and accredited FMC EFLEX Operators can arrange the FMC Million Dollar Warranty. Pegasus Environmental is one of only 5 Pest Control Companies on the Gold Coast who can boast that distinction.

This incredible new warranty can be applied to existing buildings – residential homes, commercial or industrial – it is also available to new buildings in the pre-construction stage.

Get in touch with Pegasus Environmental today to find out how you can have a Million Dollar Warranty to ensure your home is Termite secure.