Child and Pet Friendly Pest Control on the Gold Coast

Many people associate pest control treatments as toxic chemicals that kill everything in their path. While most people realise that chemical treatments are often the most effect way to combat a fully developed infestation, we always take the right precautions to make sure we use treatments are safe for use around the home. This means you can rest assured that we’ll use methods that are 100 per cent safe for your pets and children. All our chemicals are authorised for use by government departments and if using potentially toxic chemicals we will undertake every measure to ensure that you and your family’s health and safety will not come into question.

All due diligence are care taken to protect our customers

Our customers can be confident that here at Pegasus Environmental Pest Control we take all due diligence and care in how we administer pest control treatments in and around the home. This means we’ll advise if you need to leave the home for a certain period until the treatment dissipates. We’ll also let you know if you need to cover or remove any equipment such as toothbrushes, toys, bedding or towels before treatment begins. Our friendly staff will even help you get your place ready for treatment if it is necessary.

Training for correct and safe usage

All our licensed pest control specialists are trained in the use of our chemical treatments which means we are aware how to remove any risk and make sure all precautions are taken while treating an infestation. All chemicals have been authorised for use by the department of health.

Environmentally friendly natural pest control methods

We’ll only use pesticides which have natural origins and are authorised for use by the department of health. In many cases when dealing with rodents, fleas, termites and other household pests we use a combination of prevention and treatment methods which do not involve the use of pesticides. We also are more than happy to share some advice about useful over the counter treatments available that can be effective in preventing future infestations in your home.

Here at Pegasus Environmental Pest Control we’ve made a commitment to protect the health and safety of all our customers. We work on a referral system so we treat each job with utmost care making effective treatments and unmatched personal service our number one priority.

We hope we have to opportunity to show you how working with our team will on the Gold Coast will be a rewarding and pleasant experience. Call us today – (07) 5535 8008.