Controlling Pests in Apartments and Units

dead cockroach
People living in multi residence apartments and unit blocks in the densely populated Gold Coast have their own unique challenges when it comes to managing pests in their apartment and the building itself. Just because a home is raised from the ground doesn’t mean that they are out of reach from household pests.

While termites are less of a concern for apartment dwellers, rodents and cockroaches can infest entire apartment blocks. Also just because your cleanliness is up to standard doesn’t mean those in neighbouring units are also doing the same. For this reason our Gold Coast pest specialists share some strategies to prevent pests moving into your apartment.

Seal and gaps, crack and openings in outside and indoor walls

Inspect in particular gaps, holes and crack near and behind appliances, around utility points including pipes and wiring and around window and door frames. Any holes can be sealed with a putty, cement or wood available from hardware stores. These will prevent making hiding spaces for rodents and cockroaches to live.

Maintain good sanitary conditions

Pests are less likely to be attracted to your apartment if good sanitary conditions are maintained. This means keeping floors and other surfaces regular wiped down and free from food residue, taking out the rubbish regularly. Cockroaches are also attracted to piles of rubbish especially paper and cardboard products plus excess moisture behind fridges and under washing machines.

Know your body corporate rights and entitlements  

It’s always worth being aware of your lease entitlement regarding professional pest control. Many leases include annual pest control in the property, and many tenancies include this as standard for apartment dwellings due to the amount of people living in the building. Most body corporate bylaws for your building should also include regular pest control in common areas of the building so it’s worth making sure this is being carried out.

 Get your own specially tailored pest control solution

Managing pests effectively can sometimes need the help of professionals, especially when problems have already been identified. Here at Pegasus Pest Control we use effective and non-harmful treatments to control apartment dwelling pests. We treat every property based on what we find from our inspections so that means you’ll get a solution that is specifically tailored to your home.

No matter the type of residence, and no matter where people choose to live, pest will follow. This is because by associating with people, pests have access to shelter, food and warmth. This doesn’t mean you can stop them. Call us for the RIGHT methods that will CONTINUE to be effective. Phone our team on 1300 0 PESTS today.