Detecting Termites Using Infrared Technology

Our termite targeting team at Pegasus Pest Control have a range of strategies to track and diagnose the presence of termites in your home. When performing termite inspections on the Gold Coast we bring an arsenal of termite detection equipment and we explain how these different technologies work to detect termites efficiently and accurately below.

How do microwave signals help to detect termites?

Microwave radar units are one device which has been embraced in the pest control industry since 1999. Using radar and microwave technology, the Termatrac termite detection radar system can detect differences in heat energy and the density of materials to uncover termite activity behind walls, floors and ceilings. Through a specially developed microwave signal which will respond to the movement of termites, the signal can penetrate through all types of building materials including timber, vinyl, plaster and concrete.

What about thermal imaging cameras?

Thermal imaging cameras are used for pest and building inspection work to detect differences in heat patterns in a building. Different colours on the display screen show differences in temperature. If there is a warm and damp environment this can be an indication of termite activity or a plumbing leak. Sudden temperature variations can indicate the presence of termites.

Thermal imaging devices are especially useful for looking into an area that is not easily accessible and require no damage to the building to inspect the condition of wall, ceiling and window framing. Like all technologies they do have their limitations, and are not the only method we use when conducting a comprehensive termite inspection.

Using Moisture Detection Devices

Thirdly, moisture detection devices are also useful when targeting termites. Since termites need moisture and high humidity to thrive, they look to areas of the home with where there are high levels of moisture and humidity. This is why it’s also so important to fix leaks in roofing or plumbing which could attract termites into the home.

It’s this state of the art equipment that helps us to find everything and miss nothing when our technicians carry out our termite inspections. We’ll be happy to answer any more of your questions about a termite inspection across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, just call Murray today on (07) 5535 8008