Expert termite tips from Gold Coast pest control professionals

Expert termite tips from Gold Coast pest control professionals

Termite Tips

Termites are a nightmare pest. They are silent, sneaky and very destructive. What makes them so dangerous is the difficulty in detecting them. They destroy wooden structures from the inside out, meaning there can be extensive damage done before you even know there is a problem. As Gold Coast pest control specialists we have seen firsthand the damaging effects of termites, which on occasion are heart breaking. The worst part is, the problem would have been avoided with a pest inspection. Read the facts below.

Quick facts about termites

Subterranean termites are also known as ‘white ants’. They are about the size of a rice grain, have six legs and a white-ish in colour. The can fit through spaces just 2mm wide.
They are so damaging that insurance companies no longer provide cover for termite related claims. This includes both residential and commercial buildings.

Termites in Australia are more damaging that floods, storms and fires combined. Homes have been destroyed by termites only 3 months after construction. They are prolific and devastating.
Termites enter buildings through joints, cracks in concrete, flooring, fire places and any other small space they can find. They are not easy to detect in the early stages because they eat through wood from the inside out. A wooden structure can look okay from the outside and still be severely damaged.

If you see these signs, call a Gold Coast termite control company (we’ll save the trouble of researching – just call Pegasus!).

•    Warped wood, a door with a ‘say’ or a hollow sounding wooden beam.
•    Blistering or discoloured paint, strange divots in wood, spongy steps or flooring, or moisture in strange places near wood.
•    If you see mud tubes. These look like raised veins in dirt or mud.

The above were a few facts about termites, and about the damage they can cause. Get in touch with us on (07) 5522 0089 for an inspection or for any advice you may need. Alternatively you can use our contact form and we will get right back to you. Our professional staff are friendly and always ready to help.