Your Gold Coast Pest Control Spring Survival Kit

Your Gold Coast Pest Control Spring Survival Kit

Anti Mosquito Coils

Spring has swung into gear and summer is bumping along behind, already kicking up the mercury and bringing in the balmy afternoons. While Pegasus Pest Control are your go-to-pest controllers, Brisbane residents are savvy when it comes to cobbling together their own survival kit until we can bust the big issues and put together a long term solution that wills stick. So what should be in a Gold Coast pest control survival kit? Read on to find out more about the bare essentials of any pest aware household.


How often do you catch yourself saying or thinking, where’s the fly spray? Living in Brisbane comes complete with its own special creature features, including winged wonders like flies, wasps and bees. If you’re living in an old Queenslander (without a fly screen in sight), open the windows and spray a film of your favourite insect killer around the window panes and invest in a barrier spray – some come automated, releasing a burst according to the time you set. Spiders can also be an issue at this time, so be sure to give any observed hot spots a blast.


Mosquitos are another reality of living life in the Sunshine State – striking in the late afternoon, after rain or in naturally moist area, the hotter months become a frenzied time for these winged blood suckers. If you’re going camping or taking a hiking trip (even if Saturday morning soccer down at the oval), take a reliable mosquito repellent with you and give the whole family a good going over.

Look After Your Pets

Fleas. Once you have them, it’s hard to get rid of them. And yes, they originally find their first home on your furry friend, but as soon as that happens and Fido or Patches finds their way inside, we guarantee you’ll all be suffering from their itchy presence. Make sure to regularly treat and check your pets for any signs of flea activity, nipping any infestations in the bud – you may feel it necessary to treat the whole household. While DIY bombs are cheap, they don’t do they job quite like Pegasus Pest Control.

Set Up Candles

Citronella candles and old fashioned coils are cheap, environmentally friendly alternative to keeping bugs at bay, particularly on balconies and during BBQs. And what’s a QLD summer without a few BBQs? Although they won’t do much against the more serious offenders (termites, ants and rodents), moths and mosquitos hate the smoke and smell of these traditional stand-bys.

If you’ve noticed ant issues, termites or teeth marks, there’s nothing you can do other than get in touch with Pegasus Pest Control. The big three can’t be spooked by sprays and repellents, rats are adept at getting around traps and termites aren’t bothered by citronella.