The Ant-idote: How to Get Rid of Ants in the Home

The Ant-idote: How to Get Rid of Ants in the Home

Getting Rid Of Ants IN Your Home

Ants are one of the lesser of offensive pests, but can no doubt be very frustrating and sometimes prove to be hard to get rid of. Often no matter how often you wipe down benches, and wash up dishes, ants have a sixth sense and invade your kitchen within minutes. Not only is it painful and somewhat unpleasant to wipe away hordes of ant trails, it can also often be to no avail if they return soon after.

In this post the premier Gold Coast pest control team at Pegasus Environmental explain some tips and tactics that can help to combat ants in the home.

Remove Food Sources and Keep Containers Sealed

Removing food sources from the home can keep ants at bay. By sealing jars, food containers and being stringent with crumbs and the area around the sink, there are less potential food items for ants to be attracted to. Keeping your pantry shelves clean and keeping food completely sealed will not only help manage ants but also will help control pests in the pantry.

Draw a line with chalk

If ant armies are entering your home under the gap in the door some people swear by drawing a line on the concrete since the calcium carbonate in the chalk (made up of ground up marine animal shells) works to repel ants.

Chemical Treatments and Baits

If the chalk method doesn’t bring much success, it’s still worth looking to the doorways and the perimeters of your home to find out where ants are entering. Lining the perimeter over the counter ant gels and baits can also be effective since ants will be attracted to these and bring them back to their colony.

Chemical ant treatments like ant sand can also work well at deterring ants from entering the home since they act as a barrier to repel ants.

Find the nest

Look around the home for evidence of where the ants are coming form. If you can destroy their nest, your reoccurring ants problems are more likely to be solved. Sometimes the nest may be under the house, but it’s always looking for a trail on the outside of your home. Sometimes this can lead to the nest itself. If you do find it pouring boiling water into it can solve the problem.

It’s also worth keeping vegetation around the home trimmed especially so it doesn’t come into contact with roofing eaves and outside walls. Sometimes this can be a bridge from the ant colony directly to the home.

Help! I still have ant issues!

After trying these methods and you’ve still got issues with ants, a more targeted pest control solution is needed to control the infestation. It’s time to call in the experts. With our detection technology and proven techniques we can help you get rid of ants in the home once and for all.

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