NO LEMONS: Property buyers need to read this

NO LEMONS: Property buyers need to read this

NO LEMONS: Property buyers need to read this

No wants to buy a lemon. It’s going to leave you a pretty bad taste in your mouth if you do (most likely a sour one.) But we’re not talking about cars. We’re talking about houses. There is a never ending list of things to do and boxes to tick when searching for that perfect property. But when you think you’ve found a seemingly perfect dream home consider this: it could be hiding a dark secret, and if you neglect to inspect it could cost you dearly. At Pegasus Environmental, we have provided peace of mind for property buyers since 1996 on the Gold Coast with our comprehensive pre purchase pest and building inspections. If you’re buying a real estate on the Gold Coast a building and pest inspection should be a priority – unless you want to risk buying a lemon.

Fully Licensed Building Inspections

Our fully insured and licensed building inspections are carried out to Australian building standards to find everything and miss nothing. We will provide a comprehensive assessment of the following:

•    Structural condition of timber roofs and subfloors

•    Testing for moisture between walls

•    Possible termite or wood borer activity

•    Assessment of the structural integrity of the entire property

•    Inspections for any other defects or structural problems with the house that could influence your buying decision

What you can expect from a pre-purchase inspection

•    A thorough report emailed as well as a hardcopy version provided to you within 24 hours of the inspection

•    State of the art technology including thermal imaging devices and radar detection equipment to determine the presence of termites

•    A service that has your best interests at heart not the property agent’s

•    Knowledge about the condition of the property that you are considering buying which can give you the power to negotiate a better offer or decide not to go ahead with the sale

Each building inspection we carry out has two inspectors with over 40 years experience combined. If you’re property buying and you’ve found ‘the one’ before you make that big life commitment, have a building inspection as ‘pre-nuptial home insurance‘ of sorts.

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