Pest Control Calendar: Maintain yearly defences against pests

Pest Control Calendar: Maintain yearly defences against pests

Yearly Pest Control Calendar

Different pests are active at different times of the year and often homeowners skip the most crucial periods where they take measures to maintain their defences against pests. That’s why here at Pegasus Pest Control we’re making it easy to identify what you should do around the year to keep pest free. No matter the season, with these handy pointers you’ll be able to pre-empt pest movements and discourage them from getting too comfortable.  


The most common pests in winter are rodents including mice and rats (but sometimes possums also) which seek warmth indoors.

  • Remove damp leaf litter from guttering left from autumn which can be a food source for termites and other pests.
  • Store firewood indoors or away from the house.
  • Remove loose debris from indoors like newspaper, magazines and loose fibres which mice and rats can use nest with.
  • Cover the chimney with screens to prevent possums moving inside.


Garden pests can a problem during spring, and the spring is a good opportunity to do a bit of a ‘spring clean’ up outdoors to make the garden more pest free during summer. Some measures include:

  • Keeping lawns mown will reduce the likelihood of fleas. Give your pet flea treatments during spring.
  • Schedule professional carpet cleaning to remove pollen, and pollutants in the home.
  • Trim any vegetation that has come into contact with the home, especially around the foundations of the home.
  • Buy insecticides including spray on solutions to prevent aphids, and other scale build up on plants and flowers.
  • Remove timber around the home as a potential food source for termites. This includes branches and twigs from fallen trees.


You can expect to see a lot more pests in summer so good hygiene and cleanliness are even more crucial. Flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes are all on the increase during December to February. Here’s what to do:

  • Book a cockroach treatment from your local pest control professional.
  • Remove food sources from the pantry before they go bad.
  • Wipe down surfaces including floors and bench tops
  • Fix flyscreens and take rubbish out daily to stop flies from laying maggots.
  • Keep mosquito repellents or citronella coils or candles at the ready to keep mozzies at bay.


Autumn is typically a slower month for pests, (although many summer pests remain active until April on the Gold Coast.) Autumn is the perfect time for some ‘pest reconnaissance’ to prepare for the months ahead. Measures to take include:

  • Schedule your annual termite inspection. It’s the perfect chance to see if there has been termite activity after the summer swarming season and substantial autumn rain.
  • Seal entry points to the home to stop rats and mice finding a home as temperatures become cooler.
  • Repair any holes or leaks in the roof which can allow termite and rodents to gain access.
  • Remove access to food and water around the home by fixing leaking plumbing and keeping the garden tidy.

For your protection against pests around the year, Pegasus Pest Control won’t give pests a say. Before pests come your way, be it OCTOBER OR MAY, get in touch with us today –  (07) 5522 0089.