Selling Your House? Will It Pass Building And Pest Inspection Test?

Selling Your House? Will It Pass Building And Pest Inspection Test?

Planning to sell your house? Got a few issues you need to fix? If that’s the case, you might be thinking about whether your home will pass a building and pest inspection.

You need to address any problems with your house before you put it on the market. If you rush in and list the home before doing the necessary checks, you risk the buyer being the one to discover any faults. At this point, you may be forced to lower the asking price, or you may lose the sale altogether. Don’t risk an inspection fail! Consider these steps before selling your house.

Call in a recommended real estate agent

Not all real estate agents are equal! Go with a recommendation and ask around to find out who has a great reputation in the industry. Once you’ve found the best real estate agent for your area, arrange a valuation and visit ASAP.

Your agent is by no means a building inspection expert, but by calling in your agent, you can:

  • get an idea of what your house is worth before putting on the market, and
  • understand, from their point of view, what really needs attention before you sell your home.

Fix up your repairs

If you want your home to pass a building and pest inspection, the first thing you need to address is any major defects in the house.

Some matters will be easily visible, while others may only be obvious to experts. Here are some of the common problems:

  • Plumbing. From the smaller woes such as a leaky tap to a potentially larger problem such as blocked drains, you really need to address your plumbing repairs if you want to pass the building and pest inspection. Be aware that some hidden leaks, for example under sinks or below water heaters, can lead to much more serious structural damage. If you don’t know your pipe wrench from your pipe bender, don’t try and fix these plumbing problems yourself; call in the experts.
  • Roof. When was the last time you checked out what’s going on with your roof? Selling your house means you need to know what condition your roof is in. Even small leaks from your roof could hinder your building and pest inspection. If you can’t go up into your roof yourself, call in your local roofing services, particularly if you suspect it needs fixing. A faulty roof won’t pass a building and pest inspection.
  • Damp. Structural damp problems are common in Gold Coast homes. If your house has evidence of damp, there is a possibility that it won’t pass a building and pest inspection. There are several reasons why damp occurs, including drainage problems, damaged pipes or weather events. Problems can be caused by a lack of maintenance to guttering or pipes, or corrosion to flashings or roofing. Whatever the case, if there are any signs of damp, you must organise repairs as soon as possible, before putting your house on the market. This is the time when you should be scheduling in your own building and pest inspection.
  • Pests. You might not even know you have a pest problem in your home, but if you do, you may not pass a building and pest inspection. From termites to rodents, cockroaches to silverfish, you need to sort out your pest problem before selling your home. Termites are your biggest concern as they are the most destructive pests, and can silently eat away at your home without you knowing. Pests are called pests for a good reason! Unwanted visitors can cause devastating destruction to your house if left untreated, so it’s best to arrange for your own building and pest inspection before putting your house on the market.
  • Electrical. Another common concern is damaged electrical wiring. You know that trip switch that keeps switching off, causing the circuit breaker to trip? 9 times out of 10 the cause of this is an appliance with a little too much humidity. However, if this issue is ongoing and you’ve already gone through your appliances to rule out each one, you could be looking at a wiring issue. Other electrical faults that need to be addressed before your buyer arranges a building and pest inspection are light bulbs that burn out too frequently, lights that flicker, switches that are warm to the touch, and outlets that are dead. Remember that electrical problems can be potentially hazardous so you really need to get such issues fixed for your own sake, not just for a building and pest inspection!
  • Foundations. Over time, houses can suffer from major structural problems if the early signs of compromised foundations are not noted. Before selling your home, check for signs that you might be having problems with your foundations, such as:

#1 cracked or crumbling concrete

#2 hairline fractures in your walls

#3 sloping floors

#4 evidence of moisture such as mould.

Routine building and pest inspections will include looking at the foundations and related problems. This provides valuable insight into any repairs you’re likely to incur before selling your property.

Book in your own building and pest control inspection

When you are selling your home, rather than wait for your potential buyer to book in building and pest inspection to see if it passes the test, why not prepare yourselves by booking in your own inspection first? That way, you can fix your potential problems prior to selling and you won’t get caught out.

Pegasus Environmental Termite Specialists conduct full building and pest inspections on the Gold Coast. Highly trained and licenced technicians carry out comprehensive & rigorous inspections to ensure your home meets the right standards before selling. With all repairs attended to – or, at least, out on the table – you can sell your home with a clear conscience, and for the right price.

Contact Pegasus online or call 07 5522 0089 to book in for your building and pest inspection today.

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