Multiplication Devastation: Termite swarming season is NOW.

Multiplication Devastation: Termite swarming season is NOW

Termite Swarming Season Is Now!

Several days of above average temperatures followed by rainfall from storms means that termites are multiplying and on the move here on the Gold Coast. This termite swarming season typically starts in November when termites swarm looking for places to mate and breed, and continues during the summer period. Suddenly you could have a fully-fledged infestation on your hands, even if you haven’t yet seen the signs on termites in your home.

But just because the conditions are right for termites, homeowners shouldn’t make it easier for termites to breach their home. There are a few strategies that should be implemented to deter termites in your home, and the termite control experts at Pegasus Pest Control share these below.


  • Small papery wings on the window sills and in window tracks. This is a major sign that termites are present in the home or have moved to your property
  • Small shavings of wood or pin like holes in wood residue.
  • Mud tubes or mudding under raised floors or along joins in brickwork and exposed concrete.
  • Blistering in paintwork and hollow sounds when doors are tapped.


Book a professional termite inspection. We can’t stress this enough. You need to know what you are dealing with. It’s recommended for homeowners to schedule inspections every 12 months to keep on top of the problem. Burying your head in the sand can only lead to a more severe (and costly) problem down the track. There is however some DIY strategies that all homeowners should employ to deter termites – especially now that swarming season, in full…flight.

  • Avoid using wooden garden sleepers especially garden beds that run along alongside the exterior of a house.
  • Do not store big piles of timber or firewood around the home and NEVER underneath a house.
  • Fix any leaking pipes or plumbing underneath the home and reduce any damp areas since a moisture source allows a termite population to thrive.

We’ve got guaranteed termite treatments that get to the root (or nest in this case) of the problem and proven in their effectiveness as they are spread throughout the entire colony. For your termite inspection get in touch with Pegasus Pest Control today on (07) 5522 0089