The Health Hazards of Dirty Carpets

The Health Hazards Of Dirty Carpets

The Health Hazards Of Dirty Carpets

Carpets are one of the most popular and widely used flooring options in the home. Not only can they bring warmth and comfort to a room, they also provide insulation and noise reduction and are available in a range of colours and styles.

Unfortunately though compared to other flooring options available carpets can be a cause of poor indoor air quality and dirty flooring can be a major contributor to a range respiratory conditions – most often asthma. Sadly many homeowners who have laid carpets neglect regular professional cleaning, seeing carpet cleaning as something of a luxury rather than a necessity.

Pegasus Environmental understands the importance of a healthy indoor environment free from pests and pollutants and our priority is to make your home a healthier, cleaner and pest-free environment. Since the flooring of our home is the single biggest surface which we have a lot of contact with, it’s so important to think about the state of our flooring and carpet. These are some of the major health hazards of dirty carpets.

Dirty Carpets Harbor Bacteria and Germs

Carpet manufacturers recommend annual steam cleaning to protect the fibres, remove allergens and extend the life of the flooring. But another associated benefit which shouldn’t be overlooked is that professional cleaning will remove built up bacteria lurking between the carpet fibres and in the underlay. Mould can easily grow in dirty and damp carpet and can be dangerous if breathed in.

Dirty Carpet Harbor Pests

Fleas and dust mites love hiding in carpets and these can multiply if not attended to which for people who are allergic can cause skin, eye and nose irritations. Often damp or dirty carpets can attract other pests like cockroaches especially if they have not been property or regularly vacuumed. Even the best vacuuming can overlook certain areas of the home where pests could be attracted to including behind or under furniture and along hard to reach places like skirting boards.

Dirty Carpets Harbor Dust

The major concern of dirty carpet is the amount of dust that accumulates which happens gradually that over time it affects the colour of the carpet. Dust and dirt not only dulls the appearance of the carpet but is a respiratory concern for the elderly and those suffering from asthma.

DO I need to have all the rooms cleaned at once?

We recommend that when you arrange for professional carpet cleaning to get the majority if not all carpeted rooms in the home professionally cleaned at the same time. Because dust and airborne particles fall evenly in most rooms and can be regularly stirred up, cleaning all rooms at the same time prevents the dispersal and redistribution of dust to areas that have already been cleaned.

Pegasus Environmental are the Gold Coast’s premier carpet cleaning and pest control service and treat your home with the care and attention to detail it deserves. With each room professionally steam cleaned from just $22.00, carpet cleaning is not only affordable there really is no excuse for dirty carpets.

To be delighted and amazed at how great your carpets look, smell and feel after a professional steam cleaning book now by getting in touch with us on (07) 5522 0089.