Things to Consider

Choosing Your Pest Control Company

Choosing Your Pest Control Company

Things to consider when choosing your pest control company

Pest infestations are an everyday feature of modern life in the suburbs. The same conveniences that attract people to our beautiful city also create a conducive environment for unwanted rodents, and other annoying vermin like the cockroach. If the infestation is not completely taken care of initially, the home owner may experience an on going problem. This can be embarrassing and can cause health issues and hazards. For this reason alone, choosing a pest control professional is an important decision that should be given a lot of consideration.

Choosing a small family owned and operated pest control company in preference to a large national company or franchised company can be a good idea. Small family companies concentrate on personal relationships with their customers and rely on referrals from satisfied customers for new business. Cost is always an important consideration when it comes to pest control. The temptation to go for the lowest quote is sometimes desirable, but is not always be the best option. Pest Control professionals may provide different levels of service which reflect their quote. Be wary of  low quotes, as it could mean that their service is second rate, or they have chosen to slash some of the fees in an aim to attract new customers.

Aside from asking for an outlined quote, it is beneficial to ask if the company offers any sort of warranty. Pegasus Environmental offer a 12 month warranty. We do come back free of charge if a pest problem persists.

Honest Reliable pest control consultants like Murray Waugh have many years of experience in the industry. The number of years that a company has been in the industry can be considered a great indicator estimate of the quality of their services. Caring companies like Pegasus Environmental have longevity, whereas as fly by night operators generally to go out of business pretty quickly. Untrustworthy operators see you as just another job, whereas reliable companies will respect you and your home and evaluate the situation first before recommending suitable and affordable options.

A reputable and trusted pest control company like Pegasus Environmental will gladly advise you on steps to prevent any future infestations, as well as common areas that pests are most attracted to. A good pest control specialist will take into account any children or small domestic animals in the home or building to identify the best possible effective method to control pests, without harming your loved ones.

The number 1 rule when choosing the right pest control company, is to ask questions about aspects of the treatment or inspection which you feel uncertain about. Keeping quiet will not solve any of your doubts, and a reputable pest control technician such as Murray Waugh at Pegasus Environmental is always happy to answer your queries. Sometimes a cup of tea and a chat can set you right at ease.
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