Top Five Problems We Find At A Gold Coast Building And Pest Inspection

Building And Pest Inspections

Building And Pest Inspections

You might be surprised to hear the top five problems Pegasus Environmental technicians find at a Gold Coast building and pest inspection. Or maybe you’re not surprised at all because you need our help to rid your home of unwanted nasties? If you’re responsible for a home or business on the Gold Coast, read on!

#1 Termites

Termites, otherwise known as white ants, are particularly fond of the warm sub tropics of the Gold Coast, and like to invade timber and areas that hold moisture. Once termites get hold, they can cause quite remarkable destruction to your home in a short space of time. The perfect subterranean climate of the Gold Coast and surrounding areas, not to mention those ‘Old Queenslander’ timber homes we love so much, make white ants a huge problem for many people in the South East.

Regular Gold Coast termite inspections should cover the interior, exterior, roof void, retaining walls, fences, tree stumps and any other timber structures around your home or business. Treatments vary, depending on the severity and location of termites on your property, but eradication methods include chemical termite barriers, remedial treatment, interception and bating systems.

#2 Rats

Rats are evident in a number of commercial and residential businesses around the Gold Coast. They carry a huge number of diseases, causing a real threat to residential properties. And if your customers smell a rat, it could lead to the demise of a commercial business, particularly within the food industry.

If you think you’ve noticed rat droppings or tell-tale grease marks along walls and floorboards, then it is time to book in for one of our Gold Coast building and pest control inspections immediately.

#3 Fleas

Got pets? Unlike rats, dogs and cats bring joy to the family home. Unfortunately, they also bring unwelcome insects along for the ride! Flea plagues are irritating to pets and humans alike, and can quickly take hold, infesting your carpets and upholstery. A building and pest control service can thoroughly treat your property for flea infestations, leaving it clean, deodorized and flea-free.

#4 Cockroaches

You’ve probably heard it before, but if you’ve already seen more than one cockroach in your home, the likelihood is that a large population of unsightly beasts are thriving in your property. Once your cockroach visitors are in, they will live on food scraps, which is why the little critters are commonly found in the kitchen. Seek professional advice if you have a commercial or domestic cockroach problem, and find the best and most effective solution to rid your home of the world’s most resilient pests.

#5 Moths

We receive regular call outs on the Gold Coast for moth infestations in kitchen pantries. Grains such as rice, as well as pasta, dried fruit, cereals, chocolate and flour are all staple pantry feasts for the undesirable moth intruder, which undertake their entire life cycle in your panty. If you start seeing moths flying around in your pantry, you can rest assured that they have already laid eggs! This leads to larvae wriggling through your food before too long. Moth infestations are near impossible to evacuate from your kitchen staples, so don’t leave it too late to have your kitchen area inspected.

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