Types of Pests you do NOT want in your home

Types Of Pests You Do Not want In Your Home

Cockroaches – Pests You Do Not Want In Your Home

Protecting your property against pests is important. If you are living in your own home you will certainly not want them to cause you and your family problems. Even if you have tenants, you have a duty of care to maintain the property, and you will keep good tenants for longer, if the property is safe, clean and rid of nasty pests.

These are some of the common pests in Australia that you will want to look out for. If you are uncertain about any of these being a threat to your home, or you need to get rid of them ASAP, talk to us at Pegasus Pest Control, and we will provide the perfect pest control solution for you.


Cockroaches live around rubbish, food scraps and dirty areas. You can find them behind refrigerators, in cupboards, near septic tanks, and even under the floorboards of older houses. Cockroaches are despised by many, and you will not want them living or breeding in your home.


Fleas are often brought into the home on people or pets. They love living in sand and need blood to breed. If you have fleas in your home you will soon realise as you find them biting you, and your pets will become agitated because they too are being bitten.

Rats and mice

These pests can live almost anywhere, including cupboards and holes in walls. They can also live outside in trees and plants, or underneath your house itself. Rats and mice will want food and scraps to feast on, so you may see them as they move about your home in search of a meal.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are usually brought into a home when visitors supply their own bedding. Your visitors’ bedding may have been in contact with bed bugs at a different location, and they may not even realise that they are there. If you have bed bugs in your home you will suffer from bites and itching, as the tiny bugs hide in your bedding during the day, and then feast on your body during the night while you are sleeping.


Mosquitoes like damp areas, including ponds or patches of soggy lawn. If you have a problem with them in your home, you will be avoiding the outdoor areas because of fear of getting bitten. They may even venture inside your home if you do not have adequate screens on your windows and doors.

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