What To Expect – Building And Pest Inspections Gold Coast

Building And Pest Inspections Gold Coast

Building And Pest Inspections Gold Coast

Spectacular scenery, year-round sunshine and a fabulous lifestyle. Why wouldn’t you want to live on the Gold Coast? Unfortunately, the Gold Coast is also home to some of the nastiest household pests Australia has on offer. The only way to truly safeguard your home from these creeping, crawling, scurrying nightmares is to get thorough and professional building and pest inspections carried out by a Gold Coast specialist.

So, what can you expect from us when you book a Gold Coast building and pest inspection?

Areas your building and pest inspector will need to access

A thorough, professional building and pest inspection will involve a detailed look at the interior and exterior of your property, as well as the roof space and sub-floor areas.

Interior of your property

If we can’t adequately access the areas of your home necessary to carry out our inspection, your report might not be as comprehensive as it could otherwise be. Taking the time to get rid of any clutter inside your home will assist us to access the areas we need to in order to accurately assess whether there are any unwanted pest guests lurking.

We’re not permitted to move furnishings or floor coverings to do this, but you can help us by maximising the access we have to all areas of the interior of your home.

But our Gold Coast building and pest inspection service doesn’t just involve a visual inspection of the interior of your home. Most pests, especially termites, are incredibly elusive and will be most active in the wall cavities and areas that we can’t physically access. You can rest assured that we have the latest technology to ensure that these areas of the interior of your property are also thoroughly inspected. You can make our job easier by providing us with clear access.

Exterior of your property

Our inspection will also involve the exterior of your property, including the roof. If you have a single story property, we’ll use a ladder to access the roof, provided we can reach it safely. If you’re living in a two storey home, we’ll still try to access the roof in a way that’s as safe and reasonable as possible.

Your sub-floor area

The sub-floor area is a crucial part of our building and pest inspection. If you’re like most people, your subfloor area is probably locked. You might not even have an adequate access point. It’s not uncommon for the sub-floor space to do double-duty as a storage space. Our Gold Coast building and pest inspector will need to access to this area. It would be helpful if you could ensure that the area is both accessible and unlocked, and that any items stored underneath your home are temporarily removed from that area. Not only will clearing this area improve your cross-flow ventilation, it will also make it easier for us to zero in on any unwanted pests.

Your building and pest inspector will thoroughly assess:

• Your footings and foundations;

• Your drainage;

• The underside of your floorboards or other floor coverings.

Among other pests, we’ll be looking for termites. Access to your footings will allow us to look for their characteristic mud tunnels; the routes they utilise to travel between the colony’s nest and the wood in your home.

Termites are attracted to, and thrive in conditions that are moist and humid. A leak or inadequate drainage in your sub-floor area is a beacon of hope to a wood-hungry termite. Adequate access to these areas will ensure that your building and pest inspection is as thorough as it can possibly be. At the same time we’ll be looking for evidence of other pests and rodents, as well as their entry and exit points.

If your home is built on a slab, you won’t have a sub-floor area. However, inspection of the area immediately surrounding your home is just as important. A slab won’t prevent a termite colony from accessing your home. They’ll just track around the edge of the slab until they find a way in via a crack or join in the concrete. That’s why we’ll also need safe and uncomplicated access to these areas too.

Your roof space

Your Gold Coast building and pest inspection would not be a complete one without a through assessment of the interior and exterior of your roof, including the roof space. This will require safe and clear access to the manhole. Again, the removal of any items stored in your roof space would be greatly appreciated. We’ll also need to be able to position a ladder safely to access your roof space.

The outcome of a professional pest inspection

Once we’ve finished a thorough building and pest inspection of your home we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report by email within 24 hours, with a hard copy to follow. We’ll also immediately alert you to the presence of any serious infestations that require immediate attention, such as termites.

Our report will also document any areas that we can’t adequately access. A building and pest inspection might seem like a fairly invasive process but your report won’t be worth the paper it’s written on unless a thorough inspection is carried out.

It’s easy for the untrained eye to miss the tell-tale signs of a pest infestation. That’s because your pests are happiest flying under the radar and avoiding detection. In fact they’re experts at it. So are we. We don’t take things at face value. We know that looking for a pest problem isn’t enough. We’ve got the state-of-the –art equipment including our thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, Termatrac microwave radar detection unit and Heinemann Boroscope to ensure that we track down even the most elusive of pests if they’re lurking in your Gold Coast home.

Pegasus Pest Control are the experts in building and pest inspections for the Gold Coast. We’ve got years of experience, local knowledge and a reputation for getting the job done, thoroughly and quickly.

If you’re worried about the pests that might be calling your property home, call the professionals in thorough building and pest inspections for the Gold Coast. Contact us at Pegasus Pest Control today on (07) 5522 0089.