Why Should You Hire A Professional For Getting Rid Of Termites?

Why Should You Hire A Professional For Getting Rid Of Termites?

If you think getting rid of termites is as simple as purchasing a DIY solution from your local hardware store, think again.

Many home owners fall into the trap of believing termite control is something they can manage themselves to save time and money. In reality, DIY termite treatment is a risky venture.

Effective termite control requires a vast amount of knowledge and experience, not to mention specialist skills and equipment.

When it comes to getting rid of termites, hiring a professional termite controller is your best move.

Risks of DIY termite control

You might think DIY termite control is something you can just go ahead and do yourself. But there are several risks with this process which are mentioned below:

Spreading termite colonies

You’ve just discovered termites in a pile of wood on your property and you’re stressing out in a big way. All you want to do is remove the timber and termites from your property and away from your house—and to do it fast. Hold that thought! The hasty removal of termite infestations can cause more harm than good. Failure to fully address and treat the situation can result in you inadvertently spreading colonies.

The problem with quick fixes

Professional treatment is essential for your termite problem regardless of the size of the colony. Dealing with termites on your own will not guarantee complete removal. Failure to accurately diagnose and treat termites could result in recurring infestations. A termite professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your home guaranteeing any and all infestations are addressed and treated.

Toxic termite treatments

Termite solutions contain pesticides and harsh chemicals. In the hands of inexperienced users, termite treatments can pose health risks. It’s recommended to leave treatment to the professionals, who are armed with the appropriate equipment to guarantee a safe and thorough removal.


What should I do when I find termites?

Remain calm. Your first instinct will be to act fast to remove the infestation; however, it is likely any termites you discover have been established in your home or on your property for several weeks to months. It’s a case of fight or flight with termites. When they are aggravated they will seal areas of their nest making it harder to treat or they will run for their lives only to find a tasty place to live somewhere else on your property. As hard as it may be, leave the termites alone and hire a professional to effectively treat the infestation.

Diagnosis of the infestation

When it comes to getting rid of termites, it’s essential to conduct a complete property and home termite inspection. It is vital to assess how the infestation occurred in order to effectively treat it.

Pegasus Environmental are leaders in termite control on the Gold Coast and know exactly what to look for when diagnosing and treating termite infestations in the Gold Coast’s warm sub-tropical climate. Pegasus will provide a report detailing the extent of damage and recommendations for treatment.

Tailor a solution

Pegasus will tailor a termite treatment solution for your infestation, whether it’s a remedial termite treatment, chemical termite control barrier, an interception and baiting system or a HomeGuard reconstruction termite barrier.

Termite experience

With almost 20 years’ industry experience, Pegasus are experts when it comes to termite control. Every termite treatment is completed by a highly trained specialist equipped with the latest in termite treatment technology.

Pegasus has an impressive range of termite control solutions capable of managing termites in any stage of infestation.

Termites are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage to homes each year. When it comes to termite control, it’s essential to leave your home and property in the hands of professionals.

Contact Pegasus Environmental today for advice on getting rid of termites from your home and/or property.