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At Pegasus Termite Inspections Gold Coast we know how important it is for you to have the confidence of a termite free home! The damage termites can cause often runs into thousands of dollars, so if you suspect termites in your home or garden, it's always best to act quickly and call a professional Gold Coast termite inspection company. Pegasus are the leading termite inspection experts, so as soon as you get in touch we can arrange a thorough termite inspection of your Gold Coast home and property. We also have a commercial termite inspection service available for our industrial clients offering professional inspections for your workplace or building.

Our Gold Coast termite inspections cover your building’s interior, exterior, roof void, fences, retaining walls, tree stumps and any other timber structures on your property. All our expert Gold Coast termite inspectors are true termite specialists and we ensure that they're available when you need them most. They are able to provide you with accurate diagnoses, obtained by means of cutting edge technology and techniques, as well as provide you with the best advice on Gold Coast termite control and the various Gold Coast termite treatments capable of eradicating the problem. Not only this, but we strive to service the wider Gold Coast region for the upmost in convenience for you, our clients.

Why Book A Termite Inspector Gold Coast?

Gold Coast termite inspections serve a number of purposes and as such, they can be conducted for a variety of reasons. Outlined below, are several of the more pertinent situations in which a termite inspection would be prudent.

#1 Pre-purchase or pre-sale termite inspections

Arguably the most common circumstances in which our customers seek our termite inspections on the Gold Coast, is during the sale or purchase of a home or business. When you purchase a property, you will undoubtedly want a guarantee that your investment will be of no unreasonable financial burden. Should you discover termites within a property subsequent to purchasing it, you will invariably be subject to the considerable monetary loss associated with eradicating termites and addressing the damage they might have caused. One of our professionally conducted termite inspections will uncover the presence of any termite activity and notify you promptly, in writing, of its extent. Similarly, when selling your home you stand to increase its value considerably with the assurance that it is free of termites and has undergone a professional termite inspection.

#2 Potential termite activity

When you suspect that there is termite activity within your property, you are likely to want definitive confirmation in the form of a professional Gold Coast termite inspection. We are able to deliver such an assessment and this is important for a number of reasons. Foremost, it is imperative that the presence of any termites within your property is addressed at the soonest possible point in time. The longer termites are left unmanaged, the more extensive and established their nests become. This invariably means that the damage they are able to inflict upon the foundations of your home and any timber fittings therein, will increase substantially. In fact, the more invasive and aggressive of termite species have been known to damage timber foundations to an extent such that the building is rendered unliveable. Whilst this is the more extreme of potential outcomes, it is a distinct possibility and the first step to eliminating the prospect of this altogether, is arranging a professional termite inspection.

#3 Confirmed termite activity in neighbouring Gold Coast properties

If you have become aware that there is termite activity in properties that neighbour your own, then it is strongly advisable that you conduct a thorough check of your property and enlist the aid of a professional Gold Coast termite inspector. Termites are capable of constructing extensive and intricate subterranean nests and these networks will often transcend the boundaries of any property. There have been documented incidents in which termite colonies have spread within one property and infested its surrounding areas in an alarmingly short period of time. This behavioural propensity, when coupled with their subterranean colonisation patterns, means that termites have the capacity to invade and damage your home or business from bordering properties without detection. It is for this reason that annual or biannual termite inspections are advised, however the need for an inspection of this nature will increase markedly upon the detection of nearby termite colonisation.

Warning Signs That You Might Have Termites In Your Gold Coast

The suspicion you have discovered termites in your property, can undoubtedly a very stressful experience – most home and business owners are familiar with the multitude of complications that are often caused by termites. There are several signs that indicate the presence of termites and some of these are listed below:

#1 Dirt or ‘mud’ around skirting boards or corners

Quite often, termites will reveal themselves with remnant dirt, timber rot or mud – the materials from which termite networks are constructed. This is frequently evidence of their activities and is certainly cause for a termite inspection.

#2 Electrical issues

Often, in the process of consuming timber and nesting within your walls, termites will significantly damage electrical fittings. This can manifest itself in the form of electrical issues, faulty plugs and more. This is a safety hazard and ought to be assessed by a Gold Coast termite inspector and addressed by the relevant electrical specialists.

#3 Visibly damaged timber or plaster

Areas in your wall that are discoloured, soft or swollen are often areas in which termites might have been. The damage they perpetrate often results in the abovementioned indicators, as well as paint damage and damage to windowsills and doorways. It is advisable that upon discovering any of these, you contact us at Pegasus Environmental for a termite inspection.

If it you suspect due any of the aforementioned indicators – or otherwise – that there are termites on your property, there are a number of steps that you can take. Firstly, it is imperative that you remain calm and do not panic. If you think you are seeing the signs of termites, then it is likely that they have established themselves in your property over the course of several weeks or more. As such, the condition of your home is unlikely to deteriorate majorly before you are able to contact us.

Secondly, it is absolutely crucial that you do not disturb the termites – particularly not their nest. Often when homeowners suspect that there are Gold Coast termites in their properties, they attempt to uncover a source and this often does far more harm than good. To alleviate the prospect of inflaming the situation, we recommend that you contact us here at Pegasus Environmental for an immediate Gold Coast termite inspection. Our termite inspections are designed to uncover the extent of your home’s termite infestation, as well as any damage consequent thereof, without furthering any damage that may have occurred.

Why Is Pegasus The Best Choice For Gold Coast Termite Inspections?

Here at Pegasus Termite Inspections Gold Coast, we strive to remain at the very forefront of the termite inspection industry. We have witnessed first hand, the dynamic nature of termite control across our almost twenty years of experience. This is provided us with a multitude of valuable insights with regard to the best ways in which to conduct our services. This is no different with our termite inspections and our specialist Gold Coast termite inspectors are dedicated to providing the most thorough, precise and accurate inspections that are available anywhere in the Gold Coast region.

To do this, we provide our experienced termite inspectors with the most advanced technology and training. Our local Gold Coast termite inspectors work tirelessly to expand upon their wealth of knowledge and they maintain the highest degree of proficiency and professionalism throughout the entire termite inspection. Furthermore, we encourage our customers to engage in the process – in fact we invite you, to accompany us on an inspection of your home so as to gain the best possible insight into the condition of your property.

What Are Some Of The Tools We Use In The Termite Inspection Process?

Some examples of the cutting edge technology that we use are the Tramex Moisture Meter, Termatrac Microwave Radar Unit, Heinemann Boroscope and Thermal Imaging Camera. The purpose of each of these instruments is listed below. When coupled with our termite inspectors’ wealth of knowledge and expertise, these highly technically instruments allow us to conduct the most thorough and accurate inspections and diagnoses. We are able to ensure the highest standard of quality for our customers and we pride ourselves on offering the best termite inspections in the Gold Coast region.

#1 Tramex Moisture Meter

The Tramex Moisture Meter serves to determine the moisture content within walls. Areas of high moisture are very appealing to termites and as such, it is prudent to locate these areas and inspect them thoroughly – both of which are made possible by this tool.

#2 Termatrac Microwave Radar Unit

The Termatrac Microwave Radar Unit is a unique piece of equipment designed to track live termites within walls. This is often used in conjunction with the other instruments and can be of great assistance in locating termite nests and monitoring the movements of the insects.

#3 Heinemann Boroscope

The Heinemann Boroscope allows our skilled termite inspectors to examine live ants and the damage consequent thereof, within the walls of your home or business. This is a particularly important tool in assessing the extent to which termites have established themselves in your home, as well as gauging the damage that they have cause in the course of doing so.

#4 Thermal imaging camera

We use thermal imaging cameras in our termite inspections, to detect anomalies or distinct variations in temperature. These are often indicative of termite activity and can allow us to uncover termite nests and even damaged frames.

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For the leading Gold Coast termite inspections, look no further than Pegasus Termite Ispections Gold Coast. With a total commitment to service and the leading termite inspectors and technology, your termites are no match for us! Call Pegasus Termite Inspections Gold Coast today on (07) 5522 0089.

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