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Termites are an ever-present threat to homes in the Gold Coast and it's estimated that they're responsible for many millions of dollars worth of damage each year. Due to their invasive behavioural traits and capacity to cause significant damage to all timber structures, it is critical that any termite presence in your home or property is addressed immediately. If you’ve been searching online for ‘Termite Treatment Gold Coast’, ‘Termite Control Gold Coast’ or ‘Termites Gold Coast’, look no further! At Pegasus Termite Control, cover the entire Gold Coast region and provide the highest quality and most effective Gold Coast termite treatments available. We offer our customers a range of targeted and tested termite treatments to get rid of termites fast and protect your home.

With termites being attracted to areas of high moisture, particularly the warm sub tropical climates of the Gold Coast, the first point of call is a full Gold Coast termite inspection to ensure that drainage around foundations and sub floors are adequate and any leaking taps or hot water systems attended to quickly. Any discarded timber or wood piles in which infestation is found should be treated before removal – a failure to do so could quite easily spread the colony. Once your inspection is complete, Pegasus can elimate your termites with a professional Gold Coast termite treatment.

Termites Gold Coast Invasion! What To Do If You Discover Them In Your Home

Discovering termites in your Gold Coast property will likely be a rather stressful experience – most homeowners across Queensland are familiar with the extensive damage of which termites are capable. To ensure the best possible outcome, we suggest that you take a number of preliminary precautions before calling us at your earliest possible convenience. Foremost, we advise that you do to disturb the termites – they will quickly vacate that feeding area and resurface somewhere else in the home. Not only this, but Gold Coast termites will often seal areas of their nest when aggravated, thus making it harder to target them with certain treatments. We suggest also, that you remain calm. If you are seeing conclusive evidence of a termite infestation in your home, then it is entirely possible that they have established themselves in your home over the course of several weeks or even months. The damage that they are likely to perpetrate within the brief timeframe before our arrival is minimal – our experts will happily assess the damage and provide you with a range of effective treatments. Our Gold Coast termite control specialists have over ten years experience and offer various termite solutions for all degrees of infestation. Every termite treatment is completed by one of our highly trained specialists that are all equipped with the latest in termite treatment technology.

Termite Control Gold Coast - Termite Treatment Options

To address termite infestations, we must first assess how the infestation has occurred, so we can recommend the most suitable termite treatment. We tailor a perfect solution for your situation and some our termite treatment options are outlined below.

#1 Remedial termite treatment

Remedial termite treatment is a treatment designed to eradicate all termites from a building. It is done by means of a termiticide foam, which is pumped directly into the termite infested areas. This foam is toxic to termites and when done correctly, will spread throughout the colony and exterminate the insects as a result.

#2 Chemical termite control barrier

A chemical termite barrier is a precautionary measure, aimed at minimising the risk of future infestations in a property. Here at Pegasus Environmental, we are able to construct a termite barrier of this nature with ease. Doing so involves digging a trench that surrounds the property, before flooding it with termiticide and filling it with treated soil. This serves to ensure that termites will never be able to gain access to the building. Upon completion of the termite barrier your home will become eligible for a warranty.

#3 Camelleri reticulation (boosts termite barriers)

For a chemical termite barrier to be of greatest effect, a reticulation pipe can be installed in the trench to allow for chemical re-saturation in the future. This will ensure that the treated zone of termiticide is at its optimum level of efficiency and capable of repelling Gold Coast termites for many years to come.

#4 Exterra termite control, interception and baiting system

Pegasus Environmental is fully accredited to install the highly recommended Termite Interception and Baiting System, by leading brand Exterra - America's and Australia's foremost monitoring and baiting system. This is a non-toxic elimination system designed to destroy termite colonies with an ongoing program, using a unique termite bait that is know to be less toxic to humans than ordinary table salt.

#5 Homeguard preconstruction termite barrier

Homeguard is a precision preconstruction subterranean termite management system. It is installed within the foundations of a new building or home extension to provide a continuous termite barrier, which will prevent concealed termite entry over the slab or plumbing penetrations. Homeguard carries an FMC $1,000,000 Warranty for 25 years. All of our staff members at Pegasus Termite Control Gold Coast have engaged in mandatory special advanced training programs to attain an accreditation and become accredited installers of all these products. With these dynamic and constantly advancing skills, we are able to accurately advise you how to best protect your home from future termite attacks and offer a 'water-tight' warranty.

Termite Danger Signs – When To Call In Your Gold Coast Termite Control Experts

Generally speaking, Gold Coast termite treatments are necessary upon the discovery of any termites in your property – be it a large colony or a smaller, more unestablished number of ants. There are, however, some circumstances under which different types of treatment are necessary and some of these circumstances are outlined below.

#1 You have spotted some termites in your Gold Coast property

Gold Coast termites will often inhabit some areas of your property outside of your home, prior to attacking or nesting in your home itself. These areas most predominately consist of old timber piles, tree stumps and degrading timber structures within a garden and if you spot termites in these areas, it is entirely possible that they have not yet entered your home or its foundations. This provides you with some advantage and means that we can employ some of our precautionary treatments to ensure that the termites are of no direct threat to your home. An example of such a treatment is the chemical termite barrier and associated camelleri reticulation.

#2 You have located quite a few termites and some damage

Locating a few termites and some obvious damage can be indicative of a much more severe invasion. This is likely to necessitate some additional treatment to ensure that the issue does not worsen and the termites do not further establish themselves in your home or reach its foundations. Some of the treatments we employ at Pegasus Termite Control Gold Coast for these situations include a chemical termite barrier, Exterra’s Termite Interception and Baiting System and a number of other effective solutions. If you have encountered termites or termite damage in your home, we strongly advise that you contact us for a solution straight away.

#3 You have become aware of one or more termite nests in your Gold Coast home

The presence of a termite nest in your home suggests that there is a significant termite issue that requires immediate attention. If you discover a nest in your property you needn’t panic, as we are able to provide you with a multitude of targeted solutions. Some of these termite treatments include the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System, as well as remedial treatment. Both of these solutions serve to target termite colonies and nests with pesticides that are not invasive to the residents of your home, but highly toxic to the termites themselves. This ensures a healthy living environment for you and your family, as well as the ultimate in termite eradication.

#4 You are building or extending a house (precautionary termite control)

One of the best ways in which to safeguard against termites, is to implement effective termite control strategies during the construction stage of your home or any extension thereof. Here at Pegasus Environmental, we recognise this and offer homeguard preconstruction termite barriers. These barriers inhibit the entry of termites into the foundations of your home and are invaluable in the early management of termite activity in your property. These can be coupled with our chemical termite barrier and camelleri reticulation system for the ultimate in termite protection for your new home, or any extensions of your pre-existing home or building.

Why Are Our Gold Coast Termite Treatments So Effective?

With almost twenty years industry experience, Pegasus Termite Control Gold Coast have witnessed the dynamic and ever- changing nature of termite control on the Gold Coast. We have evolved to cater for the needs of all within the Gold Coast region and we aim to remain at the forefront of the pest control industry. A testament to our dedication to quality; Pegasus Termite Control is a member of Master Builders Queensland. We have forged strong relationships with many Gold Coast Builders and as a result, you can trust us to install your preconstruction termite barrier to the highest standard and at the most competitive price.

The same commitment to quality applies to all of our treatments and this is evident in both our process and our results. We have carefully crafted a range of termite control solutions capable of addressing all issues pertaining to termites, in any stage of infestation. Further to this, our range includes the means by which to target termites before they even manifest themselves as a problem. The extensity and effectiveness of our range is second to none and our experienced termite control specialists work tirelessly to remain at the forefront of the industry.

The Best Termite Control Specialists In The Gold Coast Region?

Ultimately, you can be the judge! Here at Pegasus Environmental, we strive to bring complete satisfaction to our customers. We understand that customer satisfaction consists of two primary components – service and results. Skilled termite professionals administer our extensive range of termite treatments and they ensure not only that you receive the best possible termite eradication, but also the best possible service.

If you think you have termites, call the leading termite treatment experts on the Gold Coast. Call Pegasus Termite Control Gold Coast today on (07) 5522 0089.

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